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Tropical Palimpsest 

Santo Domingo, DR 

Paseo Presidente Billini, located on the southern waterfront, has high potential for new development and revitalization. With the waterfront of Santo Domingo being mostly occupied with cargo and shipping containers, the lively city has no direct connection with the water. The nearby historical sites bring tourists to the outer edge of the city but never
to the edge of the Rio Ozama. This area along the waterfront has the potential to do so.


Working to reconnect the inner city to the waterfront, this development considers all scales tending to all of Santo Domingo, locals and tourists, while giving back to the community. Including all aspects of the community in the redevelopment ensures that all types of people will be utilizing the development. The development is compiled of a variety of functions including housing, offices, commercial/shopping, restaurants, hotel, and parking. It is important that the people inhabiting the buildings are occupied and therefore the development includes a variety of recreational features: a baseball field, community pool, public beach, parks, urban forest, and a dedicated river.


Transportation is crucial throughout Santo Domingo and has been a key element in the design process. Understanding that walking is one of the main ways of transportation, there needed to be a way in connecting the inner city to the waterfront in a safe manner. Creating an inlet secondary road for vehicular traffic allows for slower paced movement throughout the development. Pedestrian bridges are incorporated on two main axis that connect the development back to the inner city. These bridges are raised above the main highway that passes through the site, Paseo Presidente Billini.

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